Shadowhunters Thoughts s02e01-e10!

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It’s that time again. 

I’ve recapped the highlights of each episode for anyone who needs a refresher on exactly what I’m complaining about. And I’m not sure how season 2 was released, but I stopped halfway through because it felt like a natural stopping point, and I think 20 episodes may be a bit much to discuss at once for a post like this.

🚫 WARNING: I spoil the hell out of this show. 🚫
Do not continue reading if you don’t want to know what happens.


s02e01 | This Guilty Blood

Highlights: While on Valentine’s ship, Jace attempts to kill him, it backfires. Aldertree arrives and declares Jace a criminal. Jace learns he has demon blood and refuses Valentine’s orders to break the Accords. Jocelyn becomes aware of Jace’s existence and tries to kill him, but shoots Valentine—who Jace then helps escape?

Thoughts: Season 2 already seems to be headed in the right direction with the new intro. It feels seems more shadowhunter-y to me than the season 1 intro, and I’m pretty pleased with it. Again though with the technology thing—Aldertree using a phone during an interrogation is utterly ridiculous. I don’t understand why Alec is the way he is, you’d think having Magnus would make him less unpleasant. I’m bothered that Aldertree is being set up as a bad guy, he’s super cute. Simon trying to scare off the werewolves warms my heart—the incanto thing, I can’t even. Seeing Izzy and Clary training gives me hope that we’ll see a more true to book version of Iz. And finally, Jace. Why is he dumb?


s02e02 | A Door Into the Dark

Highlights: Jocelyn tells Clary of Jace’s demon blood. Alec blames Clary for just about everything, surprise. Dot takes Clary to Valentine, while Jocelyn tries to help Alec and Isabelle find Jace. Alec nearly dies, but Jace and Clary make it off Valentine’s ship.

Thoughts: I don’t know what’s up with the psychic vision transfer things, but it feels like a really lazy way to get out of your characters actually having to talk to each other.  I mentioned it in the last post, but I’ll mention it again—I love the friendship between Izzy and Clary. I can see how Clary learning to portal so early would be convenient for the show writers, but it’s too convenient for the viewer. It seems to be how she solves like 90% of her problems. I adore Magnus as Simon’s Jedi Master. And a minor complaint—I hate how everyone pronounces adamas. The show pronounces it like ‘adam us’, I’ve always pronounced it ‘uh dom us’, which may be totally wrong, but sounds cooler IMO.


s02e03 | Parabatai Lost

Highlights: Magnus struggles to save Alec, but Jace is the only one who can fix it. Clary and Jace lose each other, and Clary goes to the Institute. Jace, however, has the Worst Day Ever™. After being beaten up by Werewolves, he saves Alec just in time to be arrested by the Clave for treason.

Thoughts: We haven’t really gotten to see a truly angry Magnus yet, but I love it. I was fucking STOKED to see Maia, I’ve been very impatiently waiting for her to appear. The more of the show I watch, the more I want to reread the Shadowhunter books. The kid who plays young Jace in the flashback does so much better at playing Jace than Dom Sherwood that I’m actually embarrassed for the show. For once, I hope the show actually deviates from the books with how Simon’s mom reacts to him being a vampire. I always hated that scene in the books.


s02e04 | Day of Wrath

Highlights: Valentine attempts to break Jace out of the City of Bones, but Jace refuses. Valentine kills Hodge and steals the Soul Sword. A tricky demon gets into the Institute and takes over Alec, forcing him to kill Jocelyn, before it’s killed by Clary. Magnus summons Camille and gives her to the Clave.

Thoughts: Nice to see Clary and Alec interact without one of them (ahem Alec) saying something mean. I don’t understand why Jace’s feelings for Clary would even be relevant to the interrogation as they have literally nothing to do with whether or not he’s a traitor. The books were dramatic enough, why does the show insist on topping them? Magnus considering Raphael family is SO CUTE. I’m surprised they’re moving through the book series plots as fast as they are. It kind of seems like they expected the show to die out after a few seasons. Aldertree had better treat Jace like the angel he is after all the shit he’s done for him.


s02e05 | Dust and Shadows

Highlights: Jace is freed, but Aldertree’s still a dick to him. Clary swears a blood oath in her attempt to have Jocelyn raised from the dead, because raising the dead generally goes so well. Aldertree gives Isabelle yin fen to help her “heal”. Jace finds out Clary can create new runes. Simon tries to go home, but calls Raphael to wipe his mother’s memory when he tells her he’s a vampire. A funeral is held for Jocelyn, and others, but let’s be real here it’s mainly Jocelyn. Luke, understandably, loses his shit.

Thoughts: I hate Aldertree, I kind of hope they kill off his character. No idea why they’re introducing yin fen? If I didn’t hate Aldertree before, I sure as hell would now, he’s so creepy. Ew. I love that Simon’s mom affectionately calls him “monkey”. Alec’s so cute with kids—I mean, he’s cute in general, but especially with kids. Iris is an SVU episode all on her own, where are Benson and Stabler when you need them? I mentioned how inappropriate it was for Lydia and Alec to be wearing white at their wedding, but now everyone’s wearing it for the funeral, so maybe the writers did a little bit of research this time around. It’s absolute shit that Simon and LUKE were not allowed to be there though.


s02e06 | Iron Sisters

Highlights: Simon and Maia go to find Luke, basically becoming besties in the process. Isabelle and Clary go to the Iron Sisters and meet Cleophas, Luke’s sister. Isabelle learns what yin fen really is. Clary learns more about the Soul Sword, and shows Cleophas her rune secret, which Isabelle happens to see. Malec becomes official.

Thoughts: I am living for the Iron Sisters, I think the show has portrayed them well. Alec is… Not a great boyfriend. I need to know what lipsticks the makeup team use for Izzy because they always look so good. As much as I love Simon with Clary, I really see potential for him with Maia too, and I think they’re super cute together. Watching this show has me questioning so many things.

I really don’t understand why Cleophas is Luke’s sister and not, ya know, his mother, like she is in the books? It just seems so random. I’m assuming Amatis doesn’t exist in the show then? Like I have no idea where they’re going with any of this. The fact that she’s a circle member is just… I don’t even know. I don’t get why they would decide to make the sword able to destroy demon-blooded creatures, when a major plot point later in the series would be for it to be used to summon and control them. And the girl in the tent who said the sound was probably just a deer—it roared?


s02e07 | How Are Thou Fallen

Highlights: Cleophas snitches on Clary to Valentine, before trying to lure Clary and a very unimpressed Luke to him. Simon and Maia unsuccessfully go on a date. Magnus and Alec successfully do it. Clary and Co. go to Valentine, and while Cleophas and Luke are trying to kill him, Jace and Clary free Valentine’s angel prisoner. The angel shows Jace and Clary a vision.

Thoughts: I understand from the show’s perspective what they’re doing with Cleophas, but I still hate it. Izzy basically struggling with an addiction to yin fen is an interesting way to bring that topic up, I suppose. The inconsistencies in this show annoy me so much; Jace doesn’t know Star Wars, but can reference James Bond? Seriously? Every scene with Ithuriel makes me want to cry, so sad. It bothers me that they refer to the Mortal Sword exclusively as the Soul Sword, because the Mortal Cup, Mortal Sword, and Mortal Mirror make up the MORTAL Instruments.


s02e08 | Love is a Devil

Highlights: Magnus hosts (a very rude) Max’s Rune Party, chaos ensues. Isabelle gets her fix from Raphael, of all places. Magnus snuffs out the causer of mischief, and sends her to the Clave. Clary’s blood oath comes back to bite her in the ass, but she’s now aware she has angel blood, so—you know, there’s that. And Alec and Jace find out what a hoe Robert’s been in Idris.

Thoughts: I don’t know what Raphael and Izzy are doing, but they better not. I know the show won’t do it, but I really wish Clary and Simon would stay together. I always preferred them over her and Jace. This party’s wild. Poor Magnus—but LMAO, Real Housewives of Idris. I hate that they’ve made show Max such a jerk. Again, poor Magnus, betrayed by the cats he loves so dearly. Maryse’s life may be sad, but I still don’t like her. And Robert sucks too. Basically, this whole episode is just dramatic as hell.


s02e09 | Bound by Blood

Highlights: Clary begins to die as she has yet to fulfill her blood oath. Maia attempts to kill Clary to basically save the world, but she’s stopped, and Luke locks her in a small, dark room. Other downworlders also decide Clary should die. Alec finds Isabelle and Raphael together, punches Raphael—who Magnus is very disappointed in—and is promptly yelled at by Isabelle. Jace takes care of Clary’s blood oath for her, but the girl he rescued takes Clary to Valentine. Simon and Jace rescue Clary, but Simon is then captured.

Thoughts: If the canoes rocking, don’t come knocking, amirite? Ha. In all seriousness though, show Clary is way more sexually aggressive than I remember book her being. How has no one beaten Aldertree’s ass yet? I don’t know how I feel about Izzy and Raphael, but it’s such a weird pairing. I was hoping Raphael would be more closed off and snarky like he is in the books.

Also, I was hoping Lily would be introduced through him because I seriously love her, but I don’t know how they would go about that now. I’m jealous of the vamps kitchen, like what do you even need it that nice for? I’ve decided I’ll riot if the show tries to make Maia a bad guy. Seeing her trapped the way she was was so sad. Alec looks fucking disgusted by Raphael, I would DIE under such a hateful stare. This show is the definition of “creative liberties”.


s02e10 | By the Light of Dawn

Highlights: Valentine gets into the Institute, many shadowhunters die in the process, and tortures Simon. A glamoured Jace lets Simon feed from him. Magnus finds the little warlock girl, in a truly wholesome scene. Jace, thinking he has demon blood, attempts to destroy the sword, but activates it instead, because surprise! he also has angel blood. But doing so kills all downworlders in the Institute. Valentine tells Jace he is not his father, Jace tries to kill him, Clary characteristically gets in the way. Malec have a moment upon finding each other safe. Simon can now walk in daylight. Jace plans to tell Clary they’re not related, but chooses to be an angst queen instead. The Clave takes Valentine, and a mysterious hooded figure disappears with the Soul Sword.

Thoughts: I see where they’re going with Raphael and I’m not mad about it, but it was unexpected. Like Maryse, Aldertree may have a sad backstory, but like.. You’re still a dick to everyone, so? I’m not saying Jace enjoyed Simon sucking his blood, but he didn’t look like he hated it. I’m pleased with the few things the show has tied in from the books in this episode. Love how all the downworlder main characters just happen to not be around for the brutal mass murder. It seemed way too easy to deactivate the sword, but the hooded figure (totally Sebastian) carrying it off in the end is a good twist.


Final Thoughts

I don’t have many that I didn’t mention throughout the episode thoughts. Mainly, I think the show’s still completely ridiculous, but I’m pleased enough with the improvements it’s made. I’m very curious to see how they handle Sebastian/Jonathan because I always thought his character was one of the most interesting. And I’m actually eager to start part 2 of season 2.


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